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About Us
Who is the coolest person you know?

It's usually somebody who goes out and does the things you want to do. And does them well. It's often a person who embodies style, strength, intelligence and utter disregard for fear.

Can such a person exist?

Yeah, he does…
From the British Special Service comes Alistair McCool. 'A-Mac' to his mates, Alistair pushes every limit in everything he does.

He's not alive unless he's in near-peril. To master the world of extreme exploration, McCool demands the finest equipment available.

The new line of McCool E2 [Extreme Exploration ™] bags embodies the extreme adventure that is the McCool lifestyle.

Engineered for durability and constructed for longevity, the McCool E2 collection will be available for Spring 2011 at the best specialty and department stores.

Where will your adventure take you?
Make sure you take your McCool bag!

Whether your daily adventure takes you up Kilimanjaro or to the jungle you call the office, the McCool E2 collection has the right bag for you.

If this bag is good enough for McCool…It's good enough for you…


For whatever you do each day…

The right gear is critical…

About Us